Model 316SS-Duplex SS-Corrosion-Resistant - Stainless Steel Pumps


CAT PUMPS offers a complete line of 316SS and Duplex triplex stainless steel pumps to meet the demands of many industrial applications requiring corrosion resistance and strength. Our range from .5 GPM to 240 GPM includes both cast manifold and block-style manifold triplex stainless steel pumps. The block-style design is a machined block providing a smooth interior and added resistance with aggressive liquids. Both cast and block-style triplex stainless steel pumps have optional flushed C and K versions permitting an external flushing liquid that both cools and lubricates. These flushed triplex stainless steel pumps offer extended seal life when pumping low lubricity liquids such as DI water or high temperature liquids. Our triplex stainless steel pumps are available as bare shaft pumps, direct-drive motor-pump units or as custom pumping systems-Power Units. Some of the applications using our triplex stainless steel pumps are listed below. CAT PUMPS high quality triplex stainless steel pumps offer exceptionally long life and low maintenance.

  • Oil Waste Water Re-injection
  • Chemical Injection
  • DI Water Gas Turbine Misting
  • Sanitizing
  • Ag Chemicals
  • Leachate
  • Desalination-reverse osmosis
  • Enhanced oil recovery


Each stainless steel pump is matched with Stainless Steel Pressure Regulators, Pressure Unloaders, Relief Valves and Pulsation Dampeners to assure system safety and optimum performance. Consider CAT PUMPS' compatibility, high energy-efficiency, low-maintenance and field-proven reliability when you source your next stainless steel pump or pumping system.

CAT PUMPS offers a complete line of quality, industrial, triplex, positive displacement pumps that offer years of trouble-free service pumping a wide range of harsh liquids. Our precision pump design delivers high energy-efficiency and low-maintenance, while our 316SS and Duplex SS liquid-end construction provides compatibility and endurance. Our special flushed models feature a ported inlet manifold to permit an external flush that cools when pumping high temperature liquids and lubricates with low lubricity liquids such as CO2.

Our quality materials and pump design result in low cost of ownership and the highest return on your investment. Our experience enables us to provide custom, economical pumping solutions for your aggressive liquid requirements. Inquire about super duplex and Hasteloy® custom pump options.


Cat Pumps offers cost-effective solutions for your high pressure liquid pumping applications. Our product line has responded to market needs and environmental concerns. We have developed high pressure pumps with state-of-the art designs and features, such as our flushed manifolds for high temperature liquids, low lubricity liquids and high vapor liquids like CO2. Our triplex PD pump design provides high energy-efficiency, long life, low maintenance and low life-time operating costs.

Companies from all industries and markets have incorporated Cat Pumps' custom pumping systems into their operations to save money, reduce downtime, improve production, enhance product quality or ensure a safe environment. Whatever the application, we can help you find a dependable solution.

Cat Pumps are active in all commercial and industrial, civilian, military and government markets for transfer and high pressure liquid pumping applications whether pumping fresh water, DI water, wastewater, seawater, oils, chemicals, foam, liquid CO2, sanitizers, pesticides, chamicals or food products.

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