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Model 4300 Series - Belt Conveyors



The KASE Soil Conveyors are a modular design starting out with a 12-ft base and then adding on either 6-ft or 12-ft extensions as required to achieve the desired length. The drive end of the base unit and the extensions are alike, therefore you can bolt on the drive to the 12-ft base or bolt on a extension and then bolt the drive on to the end of the extension. These units are built in the original medium duty series and a horticultural series, each will convey a variety of bulk materials.

  • Elevating material from one level to another-loading trucks, soil carts, etc.
  • Will take discharge from soil mixer, soil feeder, continuous mixing systems, etc.
  • Load skirt with holes for attaching hopper
  • Roller and slider bed construction
  • Manual motor starter switch
  • Ideal for stockpiling media
  • Self-cleaning tail pulley

KASE maintains a stock of these fabricated units ready for assembly when an order is placed. Load Skirts are available to increase the capacity of the either series of conveyor. These are used in stationary applications and in portable applications when ordered with optional wheels. Optional wheels with radial swivel plate can be ordered to convert the unit to a radial stacker conveyor.

These units are built in two belt widths and two different series, one being the medium duty series using 2 3/8' OD PVC rollers on 24' centers with up turn slider sides to create a troughing belt. We also build them in a Horticultural series using a slider bed design with upturned slider sides to create a troughing belt. Either way they are a cost effective way to move materials. The medium duty series are more suited when conveying bark mixes with sand content and other heavy products as they have live training rollers on each end and with the open roller design bed which requires less horsepower to move the material.

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