Model 5 - Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT)



The Wallenius AOT series is a series of products that reduce biological, organic and chemical pollutants in water systems such as Tap Water, Irrigation, Cooling, Pools & SPA etc. This to prevent the spread of both the pollutants hazardous to people's health and the ones that cause problems that affect the efficiency of the water systems.

Effect: Choice of 15 W, 42 W or 84 W (2 x 42 W) - depending of the purification need
Flow: 3 or 5 m3/h
Working temperature of water from 5 to 60°C
Modular possibilities, single, serial or parallel
Vertical or horizontal installation

Wallenius Water has developed a powerful line of purifiers, Wallenius AOT purifiers, which can facilitate a higher reuse of water and prevent outbreaks of e.g. Legionnaire’s disease, Norovirus and pseudomonas.

Enhanced UV

Wallenius AOT 5 uses a patented technology that is inspired by nature's own way of breaking down harmful microorganisms and other pollutants in water. The Wallenius AOT process occurs within a closed chamber in which radicals are generated. These radicals are highly reactive so they instantaneously neutralize microorganisms and organic contaminants. The radicals destroy the cell membrane of the microorganism. This increases the spectrum of microorganisms that get degraded, both organisms with and without DNA.

No chemical substances are required or generated by the Wallenius AOT process and no toxic residuals are created. The radicals are short lived and exist for only a few milliseconds, which means they have no possibility of leaving the reaction chamber.

Robust, durable and easy to maintain

The Wallenius AOT products are modular, making them easily placed in different water purification systems, and adjustable according to the desired degree of purification and flow. A robust design and carefully selected materials guarantee favourable durability, while compact and flexible shapes mean the products can easily be adapted to different needs, regardless of whether you are planning new systems or want to integrate the products into existing ones. The Wallenius AOT purifiers are scalable and can cope with everything from just a few cubic metres of water an hour to hundreds of cubic metres. All our products are IP class 65-rated for extra safety.

Wallenius AOT offers reliable operation and requires very little maintenance owing to its continual treatment of the water. The product is designed for easy lamp change-outs and cleaning. No tools are needed and the lamp connectors are detachable. There are no loose parts like screws or washers that can get lost.

The system's light sources have an operating life of 9,000 hours if the system is in continuous operation, meaning the light sources only need to be replaced once a year. An optional safety valve can be installed to stop the flow of water from the purifier when the light source power gets too low, as can a sensor which indicates when maintenance is required. This alarm can also be linked to the existing monitoring system.

Tested and approved

The Wallenius AOT purifiers have been tested at the Vitens laboratory in the Netherlands and meet Dutch guidelines on legionella prevention in tap water systems, BRL K14010-1/01, issued by the Dutch certification institute, KIWA. The technology has shown to be effective against legionella pneumophila in amoebas and against norovirus and polio. 

Wallenius AOT products are also approved under the UK's Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Wallenius AOT is effective against:

  • Bacteria e.g.:

    • Legionella pneumophila, even in amoebas
    • E. coli
    • Waste water microorganisms

  • Protozoa e.g.:

    • Cryptosporidium
    • Giardia
    • Amoebas
    • Cordylophora caspia
    • Electra crustulenta

  • Fungi e.g.:

    • Candida albicans
    • Aspergillus fumigatus

  • Algae e.g.:

    • Green algae
    • Chlorophyta
    • Dinoflaggelates

  • Virus e.g.:

    • Tobacco mosaic virus
    • Tomato bushy stunt virus
    • Polio virus

  • Chemical compounds e.g.:

    • Bound chlorine
    • Pharmaceutical residues
    • Odour

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