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Model 52.009.100 - Shut-Off Valve



The manual shut-off valve allows a complete shut-off of water paths for service e.g. pipe parts or other distribution circuits. The functionality according to DIN EN 13828 is confirmed by an accredited laboratory. The shut-off valve ensures a tight seal so that no pressure loss in the system occurs while still in operation. Thus the main applications are where the fluid path is to be shut off for service purposes (replacement of components) or for safety. The manual shut-off is performed using a commercially available 8 mm Allen key (52.009.100) or a pre-installed handle (52.009.200). The shut-off valve is available with various connectors.

  • In supply pipes for domestic and industrial appliances
  • Commercial Warewashing
  • Commercial kitchens technology
  • Disinfection equipment
  • laboratory equipment
  • Dental appliances
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Car washes

  • Tight seal, no pressure loss in the system while still in operation
  • Function in accordance to 13828, confirmed by an accredited laboratory
  • Simple shut off by 8 mm Allen key or convenient operation due to pre-assembled handle
  • Maintenance-free shut-off cylinder
  • Free flow in accordance with nominal orifice DN 9
  • Suitable for hot water up to 90°C
  • Easy to clean
  • Pressure resistant up to 10 bar
  • Long term performance capability
  • High operating safety through the use of high quality materials and 100% final testing of the products

  • Type Stopcock
  • Construction single chamber straight valve
  • Function Manually
  • Fitting position any
  • Media Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media
  • T-Medium 90 °C max.
  • T-Ambient 60 °C max.
  • DN 9 mm
  • Pressure range 0 - 10 bar
  • Cv-value 57 l/min @ 1 bar
  • Flow regulator on request

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