Model 530 - Process Pumps for Use With Continuous Tubing



530 process pumps for use with continuous tubing. Flow rates up to 3.5 L/min. Precise 2200:1 speed control range. Colour display and intuitive menu structure.

530S and SN, 530U and UN, 530Du and DuN, 530Bp and BpN pumps fitted with 530R and 530R2 continuous tubing pumpheads

530 range of process pumps offer four drive options, colour display and intuitive menu structures provide visual status indication and minimal key presses.

  • Flow rates from 0.004 ml/min to either 2.4 L/min (530R) or to 3.5 L/min (530R2)
  • Industrial integration - manual, remote, Analog and digital communication, plus PROFIBUS
  • Robust pumphead construction with chemically-resistant polyphenylene sulphide track and rotor, and stainless steel rollers and bearings
  • Keypad incorporates 3-level security PIN lock
  • 530R continuous tubing pumphead for use with 1.6mm wall thickness tubing and 530R2 2.4mm wall thickness in seven bore sizes
  • S, U, Du and Bp pumps are IP31 cased pumps. SN, UN, DuN and BpN are IP66 cased pumps

Simple-to use HMI requiring minimal key presses to reduce chances of costly errors. Flow proportional to pump speed over 2,200:1 control range. IP31 and IP66 cased pumps for washdown environments.

  • 530S - IP31 and 530SN - IP66 are simple, plug-in and switch on pumps offering economy of ownership. Ultimate process security with a 3 level PIN lock.
  • 530U - IP31 and 530UN - IP66 with all the features of the S/SN models, plus configurable inputs and outputs.
  • 530Du - IP31 and 530DuN - IP66 with configurable inputs and outputs, plus RS232 and RS484.
  • 530Bp - IP31 and 530BpN - IP66 Real time communication makes your process secure and flexible. Bus speed 9.6 kbits/s up to 12000 kbits/sconnectivity

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