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Model 5661 - N-Line Filler - Filling Machines



The KASE N-Line machine was designed years ago to fill the need of growers that wanted to use a bark mix and achieve a high capacity of filling pots or other containers. This machine is a workhorse and features a large hopper design, holding 4-Cubic Yards of potting media. This size hopper is ideal for filling with a front-end loader or it has the holding capacity for discharging from a 2-yard or 4-yard mixer in order for the mixer to blend another batch. It is a rugged machine with a reasonable low height holding hopper design utilizing a soil belt to convey the material into a vertical elevator, which discharges from the top into the containers below.

The containers are carried on a belt across and under the flow of material being discharged from the vertical elevator. Excess soil that falls from the filled container falls into the soil holding hopper below being conveyed into the vertical elevator for recycling. This machine can fill a wide variety of containers, including but not limited to 6' pots to 7-gallon pots, hanging baskets, and a wide range of flats or shuttle trays. There is nothing in the marketplace to compare with the N-Line. It has the ability to fill a variety of containers from a large soil holding hopper and it will handle the heavier bark mixes. The production rate is limited by the human element of putting on and taking off the containers from the machine.

The Model #5661 N-Line has a Tray Belt, which is designed in a narrow fashion to shed excess soil and move the containers across the filling area. This is ideal for flats or large containers, but on small pots there is some soil that is carried to the end of the tray belt and then drops into the recycle area. This machine is equipped with a power auger/brush arrangement that sweeps off the top of the container being filled which is especially ideal for flats. The tray belt is driven by a variable speed drive for adjustment to meet your production desires. The bottom soil belt, which carries the mix forward into the vertical soil elevator, utilizes a ratchet clutch arrangement, which has a screw adjustment to variety the amount of soil being discharged into the containers. This should be adjusted to the amount needed to fill the container being used, but not in excess. Since the adjustment controls the soil belt, it takes a few minutes for the soil flow to respond to the operator changes.

  • Simple design inline filling
  • Tandem wheels & steering wheel options available
  • Adjustable speed control allows you manage production speed
  • Power sweep brush
  • Versatile, fill flats, pots, baskets
  • Self-contained, recycles excess potting media
  • Heavy duty for years of service
  • Adjustable dirt flow
  • Production Capacity 6' to 7 gallon containers
  • Flats up to 18' wide
  • Electrical Single Phase 230Volt 28 amp
  • Optional Wheel & Towing Set Casters, Swivel & Rigid

  • Length: 10'-6'
  • Width: 7'-10'
  • Hopper Size: 66' X 80'
  • Hopper Capacity: 4 Yards
  • Production Capacity: 6' to 7 Gallon Containers, Flats up to 18' wide
  • Electrical: Single Phase, 230 Volt 28 Amp
  • Optional: Wheel & Towing Set, Caster, Swivel & Rigid

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