Model 450 DX - Banding Chopper



The newly designed Model 450 DX combines the chopping benefits of Sweed’s previous Model 450 WM and Model 450 WM XHD into one unit. It is the preferred scrap chopper to tackle high volumes of 3/4” steel banding with clips, plastic banding, light weight wire and other various manufacturing materials. It is also very versatile; this unit can be customized for inline applications requiring tension control and custom scrap lengths, making it an excellent chopper for processing slitter line trim. It features: a wide infeed, which allows for easy feeding of scrap material; one stationary and one rotating knife that produces a standard cut length of about 3 inches; and a 1 HP motor that provides the cutting capacity for chopping through tough materials. This chopper sits on a sturdy Sweed stand that moves from area to area on stout caster wheels. Both the stand and hopper are sold separately.

Choppers are the ideal way for companies to meet their waste recycling obligations and reduce their disposal fees while adding re-sale value to their waste product. Additional benefits of a scrap chopper include reclaiming space for production and aiding in safety and housekeeping, ultimately, resulting in a better working environment.

Material Reference

The following are materials that are commonly processed through the Model 450 DX Banding Chopper. Contact a Sweed Representative to determine if the Model 450 DX Banding Chopper will fit your application.

  • 3/8” x .078” steel band
  • 1/2” x .0625” steel band
  • 3/4” x .046” steel band
  • 5/16” x .031” steel band
  • 1” x .031” steel band

Performance Data

  • Electric Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Infeed Speed: 106 FPM
  • Cut Length: 3'

Dimensional Data

  • Infeed Opening: 3 1/2' x 1'
  • Overall: 39” x 25” x 19”
  • Shipping Weight: 355 lbs.

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