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Model 618 - Grabber



The 618 picks up the bales 6 wide and 3 long on edge using 36 teeth on 6 bars. It handles 14x18” bales 32'- 36' long with no adjustments. If you want your bales longer than 36', an extended version of this grabber is available.

  • Good for filling van trailers from the rear.
  • This bale arrangement allows you to completely fill your 9'x24' wagon.
  • The 18 bale group has a 17% time savings advantage over the 15 bale as the grab contains 20% more bales, it reduces the number of packs by 17%. contains 50% more bales, it reduces the number of packs by 33%.

618 Working Dimensions: 95'L x 89'W
618 Shipping Dimensions: 105”L x 89”W x 22”H
618 Weight: 840 lbs


  • Loader with at least 2200lb lift capacity*
  • One set of remotes

*Lift capacity is an estimate based on an average bale weight of 40-50 pounds. However, it is up to the individual to determine their specific loader requirements.

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