Model 700 - Rotary Flow Meter



The 700 series rotary flow meter has a simple and efficient meter design consisting of a housing and three rotors that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber. The absence of wear, from no metal-to-metal contact inside the chamber, eliminates any deterioration in accuracy and provides a long service life. The rotors are supported by bearings inserted into two bearing plates, where at the end of each rotor shaft is a timing gear. The timed rotation between each rotor is then transferred through the calibration adjuster to the register, which will then give a consistent and superior measurement of accuracy.

  • No metal-to-metal contact within the measuring chamber
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • Light and Compact Design
  • Bi-directional Flow Direction
  • Wide Viscosity Range up to 1,500,00 SSU (325,000 CPS)
  • Meets NIST, OIML (MID), NMI, S.WA, SABS and many other international weights & measures

SP    Standard Petroleum
Gasoline, Fuel Oils, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuels, Vegetable oils, Motor Oils, Ethylene Glycol, Naptha etc.

SPA  Standard Petroleum - Aviation
Aviation Gasoline, Gasoline, Jet Fuels, Fuel Oils, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Kerosene, Naptha, etc.

SPD  Standard Petroleum - Ductile (Nodular) Iron
Ethanol, Methanol, Aviation Gasoline, Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Fuel Oils, Kerosene, Vegetable Oils, Motor Oils, Naptha, etc.

LP    Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Butane, Freon, etc.

IC    Industrial Products (Carbon Bearings)
Industrial Chemicals, General Solvents, Water, Alcohols, Acetones, MEK, Toluene, etc.

IP    Industrial Products (SS Bearings)
Industrial Chemicals, General Solvents, Liquid Sugars, Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Shortenings, Latex Products, Adhesives, etc.

AF   All Ferrous
Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, Pesticides, Nitrogen Solutions, Fertilizer, Chlorinated Solvents, Paints, Inks, Alcohols, Adhesives, Molasses, Corn Syrup, etc.

SS   Stainless Steel
Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, Nitric Acid, Phosphorus Acid, Glacial Acetic Acid, Anti-Icing Fluid, Vinegar, Fruit Juices, etc.

SS   Stainless Steel - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
AdBlue, ARLA, AUS32 and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Design: Three (3) Rotors
Meter Types: SP*, SPA*, SPD*, LP*, IC, IP, AF, SS & SSD*
Linear Accuracy of Custody Transfer Meters*:
5:1 Turndown - capable of ± 0.100% of maximum nominal flow rate
10:1 Turndown - capable of ± 0.125% of maximum nominal flow rate
15:1 Turndown - capable of ± 0.150% of maximum nominal flow rate
Repeatability: 0.05% over 15:1 turndown
Pressure: 150 PSI (10.5 BAR)
350 PSI (25 BAR) 700-20 LP METER TYPE ONLY
Temperature: - 40 to 160°F (- 40 to 71°C)
Material: Aluminum, Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel
Seals: EPDM, FKM, PTFE, Simriz® or UL Buna

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