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Model 702 - Complete Water Pumping Windmill Head



NEW Complete water pumping windmill heads available in 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’ wheel diameters for pumping depths up to 1,562 ft. 5 Year Fair Policy Warranty & Lifetime Fair Policy Warranty.

  • Basic Motor
  • Vane
  • Tail Assembly
  • Furl Brake Kit
  • Mast Complete
  • Wheel Complete

Time tested and proven design that hasn’t changed since 1933.

The 702 Model has many features that make it the world?s favorite windmill and we have listed some of these features below:

  • It is designed for two strokes and the pitman arms are constructed for easy change to the short stroke for greater pumping depth.
  • Galvanized round wheel arms screw into position to form a rigid wheel of strength without the use of bolts in the hub. Sails are galvanized, are the right quantity and have the correct curvature to develop great power even in light breezes.
  • Replaceable certified babbitt bearings run with nominal friction, take abuse, are long lasting and proved the most effective for windmills with multiple sails.
  • The galvanized steel helmet provides effective and lasting protection to internal parts from weather and elements.
  • Bearings and gears are constantly flooded with oil. Large oil ring picks up oil from large gears to keep upper bearings lubricated.
  • Large, double gears, pinions and pitman arms balance the load for efficient operation and minimum wear. Heavy guide wheel keeps the pump rod aligned.
  • Reliable buffer device effectively absorbs shock when the mill furls into the wind.
  • Regulation is automatic to protect equipment in high winds. Manual furling device is below the mill, outside the tower and has no contact with the moving parts.
  • Nodular pinion gears have tensile strength approximately 2 1/2 times greater than gray iron and other properties making them superior to steel, including water resistance, load carrying ability. With nodules of graphite in the material, they have a built-in lubricity that makes them a more desirable driver than steel gears.

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