Goldak, Inc,

Model 777-A - Water Leak Detector



Highly sensitive & advanced low noise circuitry provides clear and more accurate results.Rated #1 for residential/commercial slab leaks

  • Solid aluminum construction housing contains circuitry, controls and meter: Weight 2.5lbs. Dimensions: 3' x 6' x 10'
  • Easy to read sensitive meter that displays microphone response and indicates battery status
  • Ultra-sensitive microphone to detect a wide range of water leak sounds.
  • Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency
  • Filter Range 20Hz - 500Hz on 'Lo', 20Hz - 3.5KHz on 'Hi
  • Padded stereo headphones to reproduce leak sounds and effectively shut out external noise
  • Perfect for residential and commercial slab leaks
  • This unit includes a new very small compact sturdier case with improved foam that resists water & odor.
  • Case size is 17 x 12.40 x 5.75
  • Bell is an optional accessory and may purchased separately.
  • Perferred by experienced underground leak locating professionals for decades

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