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Model 902 - Basic Windmill Motor



Sizes range from 6’ to 10’ motors. All motors are quality assured and crated, ready for installation.

We are proud to introduce the Model 902 Windmill! Complete water pumping windmill heads available in 6', 8', and 10' wheel diameters. The new compact design allows for easier maintenance and repair. Each head comes witha 5 Year Fair Policy Warranty!

New Parts

  • 902 Mainframe
  • 753 Support
  • 902 Helmet
  • 902 Hub
  • 753 Support
  • 686 Pitman Arm
  • Acetal Resin
  • Bearings

Parts No Longer Required

  • 520 Oil Collector
  • 711 Socket
  • 718 Spout Washer
  • 517 Spring


  • Completely New Motor
  • Windmill oil
  • Completely New Galvanized Helmet
  • 580 Spring Holder
  • Five Year Extended Warranty/Lifetime Fair Policy Paperwork
  • Copy of AWWC Quality Control Checklist
  • Plus 1 Free American West Windmill Hat!

Main Frame

  • The mainframe castings are precisely machined and are cast without the traditional gear assembly support molded into the casting.
  • The 751 Bar is no longer needed in the 902 basic motor, as the gear assembly is secured with support bolts.
  • After removal of the hub and shaft, taking out the saddle and gear assembly is as easy as removing three bolts!


  • The bridge is a separate, replaceable piece.


  • Bearings are made of Acetal Resin which is designed for low wear, friction and noise against metals and plastics.

Hub Shaft

  • The hub shaft is precision machined and tapered for strength and is secured in place using a locknut and key.
  • The hub uses sealed roller bearings in place of babbit bearings.

Large Gears

  • The grooves for the gears are machine cut and maintain the same mounting dimensions.
  • Large gears are interchangeable with the Model 702 design.
  • These gears have new molds.

Our windmills have many features that make them the world's favorite.

Wheel Diameter: Weight

  • X-6 Feet: 75 lbs.
  • A-8 Feet: 124 lbs.
  • B-10 Feet: 221 lbs.

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