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Model 9800 - Bacti-Bio



Bacti-Bio 9800 utilizes the powerful waste digesting properties of natural enzymes and microbes. It contains a blend of special anaerobic and aerobic microbial strains cultured for their ability to digest and liquify organic waste - quickly, efficiently, without odors! These potent microbes are combined with natural enzymes which serve as catalysts to immediately break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and cellulose.

The microbial cultures in Bacti-Bio 9800 are vastly superior to naturally occurring microbes in their ability to digest waste. Treated systems will reduce BOD and COD faster and more efficiently, enabling the system to treat higher volumes of waste and meet stringent effluent quality requirements. This product will help the treatment system overcome disruptions caused by chronic overloading and reduce odors. Bacti-Bio 9800 may also be used to keep drains and septic systems free flowing.

Bacti-Bio 9800 is formulated as an extra concentrated product for severe overloading or build-up with at least 3.5 billion C.F.U.'s per gram. After a system is brought under control, begin a maintenance program with Bacti-Bio 9100 or Bacti-Bio 9800 at 1/3 the label dose rate. For overloading caused by particular types of waste a more specific Bacti-Bio product may be more effective. Submit a copy of the water analysis for a recommendation.

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