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Model AAS AXOC & AXOC HC - Extruded Carbons



Advanced Air Solutions ”AXOC” & “AXOC HC” extruded carbons are manufactured from selected grades of bituminous coal by steam activation under strictly controlled conditions. The result is a product with a highly developed pore structure, good resistance to attrition, and uniform particle size with very low resistance to flow. These carbons are impregnated with a specially formulated alkali solution making them particularly effective for removing acidic compounds while still being able to adsorb many other compounds.

Advanced Air Solutions “AXOC” & “AXOC HC” series alkali impregnated carbons are particularly desirable for removing acidic compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, nitrogen oxides, and sulphur oxides. This performance makes this carbon very effective in odour control at wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, and anywhere sulphide odour are generated.

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