Model ACCU-FLO - Wellhead


Prefabricated flow control devices specifically developed for installation on LFG extraction system wells. These easily-installed wellheads incorporate a built-in gas flow measurement device, gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample and pressure ports, flow control gate valve and flex-hose. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are available in three sizes to handle a wide range of gas flow.

  • Compact size
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Built-in gas flow measurement
  • Built-in gas flow control gate valve
  • Quick connect measurement ports
  • High accuracy and repeatability of measurements
  • Durable Materials: Sch. 80 PVC housing and couplings, stainless steel impact tube, and polypropylene fittings, Elastomeric coupling and PVC Flexible interconnects

  • Helps maximize gas recovery; minimize surface emissions and subsurface migration
  • Helps control hot spots and prevent subsurface fires
  • Incorporates built-in LFG flow measuring device, gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample ports and a flow control gate valve
  • Available for installation above or below ground on vertical wells or horizontal branch laterals
  • Designed to interact most efficiently with GEM™2000 and GEM™2000 Plus portable instruments

Landfill Gas Extraction Well for

  • Gas to Energy Sites
  • Carbon Credit Projects
  • Environmental Compliance

Accu-Flo offers Time-Saving, Multi-Functional Wellheads at less than Field Fabricated Prices

Flow Accuracy and Reliability
The Accu-Flo System is designed to operate in the wet, abrasive environment typical of landfill gas and still provide exacting control and accurate flow measurements with high dependability and consistency.

A patented feature of the Accu-Flo design is the pre-calibrated gas measurement tube assembly (Accu-Flo body) which extends into a standard vertical or horizontal well casing or branch lateral, creating a compact installation.

The Measurement tube assembly houses a modified stainless steel impact tube specifically designed by LANDTEC for harsh landfill gas appliations. Differential pressure readings between the impact tube and measurement tube are used to calculated flow.

To Help protect the impact tube from condensate and particulate clogging, common with conventional designs such as pitot tubes and orifice plates, LANDTEC uses an enlarged total pressure port opening and a seperate protected static pressure port. Also, pre-calibration of the measurement tube with a pre-positioned impact tube eliminates the need to take time-consuming traverse measurments normally required for accuracy.

Simplified Data Collection
Accu-Flo simplifies the complexity of measuring wellhead data by incoporating key built-in features including a LFG flow measuring device, gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample ports and a flow control gate valve.

The patented design expedites the time required to obtain key wellhead data and determine necessary flow adjustments using the industry standard instruments, LANDTEC GEMTM2000 and GEMTM2000 Plus or other field unit.

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