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Model AD03 - Multi-Function Electrical System



Introduction: D03JSR multi-function electrical system is a multi-function data collection and data site processing instrument, it can be the independent instrument which can survey groundwater and metal ore, also can be used as the slave instrument to form the field scene measurement and control LAN with the wild host( transmitter, multi-function electrical instrument etc.). The main measurement parameters including: 1. SP(self-potential), 2. DC resistivity, 3. The primary field and the secondary field of IP rate decay curve in the time domain induced polarization method. When many slaves work with one host, it can do the high density resistivity method and high density time domain IP method, and the field electrode array method including: 1. Intermediate gradient method, 2. Dipole-dipole, 3. Four-pole sounding.

D03JSR multi-function electrical system is mainly used for the groundwater resource exploration, also be used for the induced polarization prospecting of the metal ore(copper, lead zinc), and the instrument can find out the underground resistivity and polarizability profiles, which can be used for engineering geophysical. Therefore, the instrument can be applied to the geological department, the hydrological department, the railway department and urban underground exploration department.

  1. The resistivity measurement accuracy: relative error ¡À2%, 16bit resolution (24bit A/D converter)
  2. Input impedance: 1 M¦¸
  3. The anti-jamming ability: better than 60dB at f=50Hz industrial frequency
  4. The polarizability measurement accuracy: 0.1%, 16bit resolution
  5. The LCD display: 128*64 lattice, can display the graph(decay curve), Chinese, English and Number
  6. Field on-site data storage capability: 8Kbyte
  7. With the real-time clock, the instrument can record the date( year, month, day) and time (hour, minute, second)
  8. The communication function: The Photoelectric Isolated RS485 two bus multi-instrument communication interface, the host can networking 128 sets of slave with one communication cable
  9. Build-in battery: real-time clock 3.6V lithium battery, 6V 12V rechargeable Ni-MH battery, the power consumption is 150mA
  10. 1 Size: 20cmx12cmx10cm
  11. 1 Weight:5KG

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