Model ADL311SA - Spray Dryer



Yamato’s ADL-311S does not require the liquid sample or solution to undergo any pre- or post-processes such as filtration, separation, or pulverization. The use of organic solvents is fully supported with the attachment of our GAS-410 organic solvent recovery unit. Small, expensive and/or heat sensitive samples can be dried quickly and efficiently with this easy to operate system.


  • Processes samples as small as .5 g of solid matter
  • Safe for heat-sensitive samples, such as food or medical products
  • No risk of contamination
  • Digital display of inlet/outlet temperature and drying air volume increases readability
  • Detachable drying chamber, cyclone and product vessel
  • Fast and easy clean up
  • Universal power supply and multilingual touch screen controller

Evaporated water amount
Max. 1,300 mL/h
Temp. adjustment range
40° to 220° C at inlet

Sample flow
Variable up to 26 mL/min.
Spray nozzle (selectable)
For liquid/gas

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