Model AFI - Horizontal Chopper Pumps



These pumps are designed for the treatment of livestock slurry and the processing wate of  industrial plants. It is suitable for  very thick manure. These thick part present in liquid manure is shredded by means of a double chopping mechanism, with which AFI machine are standard equipped. Thanks to AFI pumps, liquid manure can be: removed and introduced into storage tank; carried along  the fertilisation/irrigation system pipings; loaded on tankers. They are available in a wide range of models with different performances and powers and can be driven by Tractor, electric as well as hydraulic motors.

  • Pump body, impeller, suction bell and pump support in  antishock and  antifreezer sferoidal cast iron.
  • Chromium plated and casehardened pump shaft.
  • Pressed blades made of hardened manganese-vanadium alloy steel.
  • Hot galvanized scution cone with built-in valve.
  • Widia mechanical seal or double oil seal (on request).

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