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Model AFP-100 - Flame Photometer



The AFP-100 is a microprocessor based version addition to its time flame photometer line. Solution containing alkali and alkaline earth metals when aspirated into a flame, vapours containing the atoms of the metals will be formed. Some of these gaseous metal atoms may be raised to a higher level sufficient to permit emission radiation of the metals. Flame photometer detects such emission radiations in a sample and quantifies them a concentration in ppm or meq as desired. Air at a given pressure into a nebulizer. The suction produced by it draws the solution of the sample in to the nebulizer, from where it emerges as fine mist and passes into the mixing chamber.

In the mixing chamber air and mist of sample are mixed evenly with the fuel at a given pressure and are burnt in the burner. Radiations from the resulting flame passes through the lens system and an optical filter which permit only the radiation characteristic of the element under investigation in the sample through a photo detector. The output of the detector is processed to display concentration of the element in the units desired.


  • Microprocessor based with Printer Interface.
  • PC Compatibility through RS 232 Interface (optional)
  • Five-element measurement in single aspiration of the sample
  • Calibration curve programmability using maximum of 20 standards in the range of interest of the user.
  • Data processing through optional curve fitting techniques-lease square, quadratic.
  • Multiple calibration curves saving facility.
  • Applications:
  • To determine Na, K, Ca, Li & Ba in Plant materials, food and beverages Electrolytes in serum Body fluids (blood, urine etc.) Alkali & alkaline earth metals Nutrient solutions for cultivation of antibiotics Water (natural, spring, waste, river etc) Soils, cement, rocks etc.. In the areas of Agriculture, Food, Mining, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Pathology, Pollution Monitoring, Geology, Research Laboratories, Industries and Others.

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