Particle Measuring Systems

Model AM ll - 16/32 - Aerosol Manifold for Air Particle Counters



The AM ll Manifold offers advanced features for sequentially monitoring aerosol contamination at multiple locations with a fixed particle counter. The AM ll is ideal for trend analysis and cleanroom verification when continuous monitoring is not needed. Compatability: Lasair® II or Lasair lll airborne particle counters, or IsoAir® PLUS particle sensor.

  • Multiplexed monitoring of up to 32 locations with a single particle counter
  • Controlled by Facility Net or Pharmaceutical Net Software
  • Programmable recipes and sample point sequences
  • Assembly designed to eliminate contamination from valves
  • Alarm for low vacuum; automatic shut-off for pump overheating

  • Most economical monitoring of fixed points at timed intervals
  • Low cost per sample location
  • Monitors a much larger area than a fixed particle counter
  • Ethernet communications to facility monitoring system
  • Easily programs a sampling routine, for either simple or complex sequences
  • Automatically changes sampling recipe upon receiving alarm or external signal
  • Large coverage area: each sample point can be up to 125 ft away
  • Patented flow control ensures the manifold properly compensates for manifold pressure drop, eliminating systematic particle undercounting of up to 15%
  • Maintains constant flow (nominal 3 CFM) at each sample location to minimize gravitational particle setting
  • With isokinetic sampling probes, captures particles at the same velocity as sample air, preventing distortion in particle size relationships

  • Facility monitoring
  • Monitoring large minienvironments
  • Cleanroom verification and trend analysis

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