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Model AMS 02 - Aerosol Monitoring System



The AMS02 was developed by together with the Institute of Nuclear Techniques at Budapest University of Technology and includes the experience of more than 30 years. Among other things, the most important features are the reliable function even under difficult conditions, as well as the possibility of a maintenance-free operation for months.

The filter system is equipped with a manipulator and an inventory of 500 filters. Therefore, high flexibility can be achieved, and different measurement programs can be used depending on the given conditions. In addition, it is possible to extend the measuring points as well as the filter stock.

The AMS 02 is an automatically operating measuring system, for the measurement of radioactive aerosols, by a routine measurement of iodine, so that the non-natural radioactivities α-, β- and γ-radiation are counted. The system is equipped with a remote control that allows communication to and from the central unit at any time. The AMS 02 is a unique filter system, which controls various suction and measurement programs. A further advantage is that it is possible to test the detectors by means of calibration filters. Moreover, under normal conditions, used filters may be reused after the decay of natural radioactivity. Also, individual filters can be taken out to perform high-precision analyzes in appropriate laboratories. Under normal conditions, a suction cycle with the same filter needs 24 hours. Measurements are carried out in intervals of 5 minutes. If there are abnormalities confirmed by the next two measuring cycles, this means that the device switches to intensive mode after three measuring cycles. In the intensive mode a new filter is used and this is suctioned for 1 hour. The measurement results allow an exact, qualitative and quantitative indication of the α-, β- and γ-nuclides, whereby the quality varies according to the detector type.

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