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Model AMS02T - Aerosol Monitoring System with Filter Belt System



The AMS02T is a tape filter system. The AMS02T is a step-band filter device. The unit has a simple, maintenance-free mechanism with high nuclear sensitivity - low detection limit for alpha / beta, aerosol gamma, elemental iodine gamma and beta gas measurement in one device. The AMS02T contains 1, 2 or 3 radiation detectors. The PIPS detector for alpha / beta measurement is always installed in conjunction with a glass fiber filter. In a 2-detector system, an NaI (Tl) scintillation detector or a LaBr3 (Ce) scintillation detector for aerosol gamma as well as for elementary iodine gamma measurement can be installed in addition to the PIPS. The third detector unit can detect gaseous beta emitters by means of a plastic scintillation detector. In 2 and 3 detector systems 2 filter tapes are used. The upper is a 60mm wide glass fiber filter tape to retain aerosol particles. The lower one is a 60mm wide filter belt impregnated with activated carbon to retain elemental iodine.

Both the NaI and LaBr3 detectors are continuously calibrated for energy. Calibration can be performed with optional Cs137 and Pu239 + Sr90 / Y90 sources.

filter change
In the case of an alarm situation or an unusual spectrum, the filter change takes place hourly. In normal operation, the filter belt is retracted every 1, 2 or 3 days (adjustable) (filter supply approx. 1 year).

lead shielding
The sampling and measuring chamber is surrounded by a lead shielding. External gamma background radiation is attenuated by at least one order of magnitude.

Rotary vane pump
The nominal flow rate is 3.5 m³ / h.

All detectors are self-contained intelligent detectors with continuous energy calibration and built-in 1024-channel MCA unit (MultiChannelAnalyser). All these detectors communicate via RS422 bus. The connection to a PC or notebook is made by means of a single USB cable. The control, the evaluation software, the data processing as well as the data storage and the communication (for example, AutoFTP) run on this computer under Windows. Communication, Data Center (Optional) It is possible to send data to a central station via LAN, Internet, GSM, VPN or remote maintenance. BITT-SCADA, a program based on SQL, can be used as data center and for visualization.

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