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Model APV/DP Series - Mobile Slurry Pump Unit



High-performance and mobile pump unit for continuous slurry pumping. Used to supply the SRS 12 Slurry Injector and SDS 7000 Slurry Spreader with slurry, or for the filling of a nurse tank.APV 250 has a capacity of 250 m3/hour at a 12 bar delivery pressure, whilst the DP 201 pump unit has a capacity of 200 m3/hour at a 10 bar discharge pressure. Both pumps operate with a range of up to 4 kilometers. Both environment and people benefit from long distance pumping, as the need for slurry transportation in large tankers on public roads is eliminated.

Less need for manpower
The pump units are operated via remote control either from the tractor or the SDS 7000. This keeps manpower requirements to a minimum, as the operator can control the entire system from the comfort of the tractor when using the SRS 12, or from the cabin of the SDS 7000.
Protect nature and enjoy a better working environment
The APV pump unit is supplied with a cleaning function, which help to limit any slurry spill when hoses and pipes are disconnected. Handling Agrometer slurry hoses becomes easier and more pleasant, as well as sparing your neighbourhood from slurry puddles when disconnecting the hose.
The system is built into the pump unit and consists of a 3000 liter water tank and air compressor. Firstly water is sent through the pipes and hoses, thereby flushing out remaining slurry. Afterwards a sponge rubber ball is sent through the system using air pressure, leaving pipes and hoses completely clean and easy to handle for the next set-up.

  • Max. pumping distance 4 km
  • Max. capacity DP 201: 200 m3/h
  • Max. capacity APV 250: 250 m3/h
  • John Deere Powertech engine
  • Max. weight DP 201 = 3.000 kg
  • Max. weight  APV 250 (w/o water)   = 6.800 kg

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