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Model AS/Meter - Automatic Water Softeners



Automatic softeners equipped with volume electronic control of the regeneration. These units are designed for all applications where only treated water is required. The volume only working mode (factory set) allows to feature even several regeneration per day : it is only required that the time between two following regenerations is long enough to prepare brine (average 7-8 hours, longer at low temperature) All construction materials are no-toxic and suitable for drinking water (according to DM 174/2004 Italian Ministry of Health). Vessel in fi berglass reinforced polyester resin, food grade ion exchange resins for softening, with high exchange capacity, brine tank in shock-resistant plastic material, control valve 5-cycles working (backwash, brine draw and purge, rinse, brine refi ll, service) with visualization of functions and programme. The working of the unit is handled by an electronic programmer of the latest technology, MULTI-P, computerized with microprocessors.

Time control: regeneration runs at the pre-set time of day and the day of the week
Delayed volume: regeneration starts afterthat the pre-set volume of water has been supplied, but only at a pre-set time of day and days (factory set)
Immediate volume: regeneration starts immediately, when pre-set volume is reached, regardless of time
Service time: starting from a fi xed time, the regeneration is repeated at pre-set interval of hours.
Another available feature is the compulsory regeneration: it allows to enter how often a regeneration runs, according to a pre-set numbers of days.

Further functions of MULTI-P programmer are:

  • Starting a regeneration from remote
  • Inhibition of regeneration starting from remote
  • Alarm reserve of salt with inhibition of regeneration starting
  • Signal of running regeneration (free voltage contact available)
  • Control of chlorine production (for resins disinfection)
  • Data & statistics processing & memory: number of regenerations featured and regenerations blocked for salt shortage, volume of treated water, time and days of last regenerations run.

The display of programmer indicates continuously, during service, current time and day and the available volume of treated water; during regeneration, instead, it indicates the running phases of regeneration, with decreasing of the time of each phase
The time of each phase of the regeneration can be also adjusted, in order to fi t the working of the unit to the special applications and to avoid useless waste of water and salt for regeneration .
The terminal board, available on the rear side of the programmer, allows a simple and easy connections with pulse sender instruments and to remote utilities (signal of running regeneration, remote inhibition of regeneration start, remote control of regeneration start, control of chlorine producer for resin disinfection).

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