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Model AZC-8 - Proton Magnetometer



Application: Widely used in mineral exploration(such as iron ore, lead and zinc, copper etc.). With mining exploration, research the ore body¡¯s buried depth, occurrence and continuity, and study the shape and size of the ore body, estimate the deposit, oil and natural gas exploration, research the geological structure and tectonics of oil and gas etc.. The diurnal correction of aviation and marine ground magnetic survey, fault location, archeology, engineering exploration, such as pipeline detection, earthquake precursor monitoring, and volcano observatory, as well as other environmental and disaster geological work.

  • Built-in GPS, coordinate record, navigation lights, and the connection is more simple, and the instrument is more reliable.
  • Full-scale automatic tuning or artificial manual tuning.
  • Built-in precision clock, GPS timing to ensure the clock of base stations and mobile stations is accurate synchronization.
  • Each point is stored with the information of the magnetic field result, point coordinate time and temperature etc., directly output all the data with a U disk.
  • English interface, and automatically displays the magnetic field value curve, the operation is more easier and convenient.
  • Portable and light, one person can finish all the work.
  • Equipped with the software to do the diurnal correction and create the contour map and profile map.

  • Measurement range: 20,000nt~100,000nt
  • Measurement accuracy: ¡À1nT
  • Resolution: ¡À0.1nT
  • Allowed gradient: ¡Ü6,000nT/m
  • Measurement interval of the base station: 2~60s, set as your requirement
  • GPS positioning accuracy: ¡Ü2.5m
  • Data storage capacity: 100,000 points
  • LCD: 320x240 graphic LCD with backlight
  • Input keyboard: 16 keys
  • Data transport: USB
  • Power supply: built-in big capacity recharge lithium battery
  • Working temperature: -10¡æ~+50¡æ

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