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Model BBS-1600 & BBS-4800 - Best Battery Selector (BBS)



SENS Best Battery Selectors (BBS) deliver power from two different batteries to one or two loads in environments requiring very high availability. In normal operation, current flows through the BBS from both batteries. But, if one battery is weak or has failed, power automatically flows to the load from the other battery. The best battery selector prevents parallel connection of two batteries so that a bad battery does not cause the failure of the other one.

Automatically cross-couples two batteries to one or multiple loads for highest DC system reliability.

  • Delivers current to load from either one or both batteries
  • Fully automatic
  • Prevents a bad battery from draining the second battery
  • De-rated components assure reliable operation
  • BBS-1600: 2500 amps peak current
  • BBS-4800: 6400 amps peak current
  • IBC seismically certified

Applications: Critical engine starting and electrical switchgear environments

  • Two models are available offering 2500 amp and 6400 amp peak current ratings to suit a wide range of loads in applications ranging from 12 volts nominal to 120 volts nominal. For continuous loads, the BBS-1600 and BBS-4800 will support 50 Amps and 150 Amps respectively of continuous current at any voltage up to 120 volts.
  • Both SENS BBS models are fully solid state, without any moving parts or control electronics. De-rated diodes, transient suppressors, and oversized head sinks assure reliable operation.
  • All SENS BBS models are IBC seismically certified to an Sds value of 2.50g.

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