Model BCK-V - Fish Friendly Pump



The BCK-V pumps are suited for pumping surface water with capacities up to 11 m³/min and pumping lifts up to 3 meters. In the Netherlands, BCK pumps are mainly used for draining little polders and playing fields.

Other applications of this pump include:

  • draining of cultivated land in general
  • irrigation of cultivated land in delta areas
  • water level control in fish ponds, salt pans and natural resource areas
  • circulation of stagnant water for refreshing

  • fish friendly impeller
  • low speed
  • wide passage
  • low maintenance design
  • little dirt sensitive
  • virtually not obstructable
  • long life time
  • easy to install
  • vandal-resistant stainless steel roof
  • low sound pressure
  • water lubricated rubber bearing under 
  • installation in open water or in a concrete unit

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