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Model BKS-3000 - Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems



BKS-3000 Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) is a packaged system in which a sample of gas is continuously drawn from the process point, which is applied for monitoring various industrial sources of air pollutants. Gas concentrations such as SO2, NOx, O2 are on-line continuously detected, the temperature, pressure and flow rate of the flue gas can also be measured by this most widely used type of CEMS. The data of concentrations of CO, CO2, HCl, HF, NH3 and hydrocarbons and humidity are recorded if required by the customers.

The data obtained are processed and stored by the industrial control computer, which can be connected to the parent environmental protection organization via web for calling and supervising the data conveniently and rapidly. The user can call on the database in terms of limits of authority through LAN, such as read the data, revise the state parameters and even directly operate the system.

The standard gas can be applied for on-line calibration to ensure the precision of the data, for that gas is continuously drawn from the process point for measuring the density of the pollutants. Non-scattering infrared absorption is adopted for gas analysis, while Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer which can serve on site for nearly ten years is integrated for monitoring the concentration of O2.

One industrial control computer can be connected to multiple on-line monitoring points with bus communication, and can implement real-time process of the recorded data of each point. At the same time, it can be connected to environmental protection organization via telephone wire and Modem to form a network. Each monitoring point is composed of a complete monitoring analyzers, sensors and data acquisition system.

System configuration

  • Control and data acquisition system
  • Gas analyzers
  • Dust monitors
  • Temperature, pressure and flow velocity meters
  • Gas sampling system
  • Gas pretreatment system
  • Protective backblowing system
  • Auto calibration


  • Stable
  • Only one analysis unit for 4 gases continuous monitoring
  • Perfect software
  • Module design
  • Multiple options
  • Auto on-line calibration
  • Remote supervision and control
  • Support one system for two sites

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