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Levitronix GmbH

Model BPS-1 - Revolutionary Centrifugal Pump



Levitronix has developed a revolutionary centrifugal pump that has no bearings to wear out or seals to break. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is suspended contact-free inside a sealed casing and is driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The impeller and casing are both fabricated from chemical resistant, high-purity fluorocarbon resins. Together with the rotor magnet they make up the pump head. Fluid flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by electronically regulating rotor speed and eliminates pulsations.

  • Improves process yields in CMP by producing 200-1000 times fewer scratching particles compared to other pumps
  • Increases filter life in CMP recirculation loops by a factor of up to 15 by generating less gels and large particles
  • Reduces particle contamination issues in wet processes by generating 10 to 50 times fewer particles
  • Improves and simplifies process control by eliminating pulsation and by accurately controlling both flow rate and rotor speed
  • Increases equipment uptime and lowers maintenance costs by reducing part wear
  • Increases equipment uptime and saves maintenance costs in plating applications by providing a clog-free operation
  • Saves valuable space in process tools by having a very small footprint

  • Max. Differential Pressure: 1.6 bar 23 psi
  • Max. Flow: 21 liters/min 5.5 gallons/min
  • Max. Liquid Temperature: 90 °C 194 °F
  • Wet Materials: PFA / PVDF / Perfluoroelastomer
  • Supply Voltage: 120 W / 24 V DC

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