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Model CB12245A - Battery Charger



The CB series is a “Switching technology” and “Battery Care philosophy”, since years parts of the core know-how at ADEL system, led to the development of this advanced multi-stage battery charging method, completely automatic and suited to meet the most advanced requirements of battery manufacturers. The Battery Care concept is base on algorithms that implement rapid and automatic charging, battery charge optimization during time, flat batteries recovery and real time diagnostic during installation and operation. The Real Time Autodiagnostic system, monitoring battery faults such as, elements in short circuit, accidental reverse polarity connection, disconnection of the battery, they can easily be detected and removed by help of Blink Code of Diagnosis Led; during the installation and after sell.

Each device is suited for all battery types, by means of jumpers it is possible setting predefined curves for Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, Ni-Cd and. A rugged casing with bracket for DIN rail mounting provide IP20 protection degree.

Input: Single-phase 115  277 Vac
Output Jumper Selectable: 12 Vcd 6A; 24 Vdc 5 A
Power Supply Function: setting by Jumper
Suited for the following battery types: Open Lead
Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, lead Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion (option)
Battery Care for, automatic diagnostic of battery
status, short circuit element,
Charging curve IUoUo, constant voltage and current
Switching technology Semi-resonant
Four charging levels: Boost, Absorption, Trickle, Recovery.
Protected against short circuit, inverted polarity, over Load.
Signal output (contact free) for fault battery state Protection degree IP20 - DIN rail

General Data
Insulation voltage (In /Out) 3000 Vac
Insulation voltage (In / PE) 1605 Vac
Insulation voltage (Out / PE) 500 Vac
Protection Class (EN/IEC 60529) IP20
Protection class I, with PE connected
Reliability: MTBF IEC 61709 > 300.000 h
Pollution Degree Environment 2
Connection Terminal Blocks screw Type 2,5mm(24–14AWG)
Dimensions (w-h-d) 45x110x100 mm
Weight 0.30 Kg approx

Climatic Data
Ambient temperature (operation) -25 ÷ +70°C
De Rating Ta > 50°C - 2.5%(In) / °C
Ambient temperature Storage -40 ÷ +85°C
Humidity at 25 °C no condensation 95% to 25°C
Cooling Auto Convention

Norms and Certifications
Conforming to:IEC/EN 60335-2-29,EN60950/UL1236, Electrical
safety,89/336/EEC,EMCDirective,2006/95/EC (Low Voltage),DIN41773
(Charging cycle),Emission:IEC 61000-6-3,Immunity: IEC 61000-6-2.CE

Signal Output (free switch contact)
Main or Backup Input Power Yes
Low Battery Yes
Fault Battery Yes
Type of Signal Output Contact (free switch contact)
Max. current can be switched (EN60947.4.1): Max. DC1: 30 Vdc 1 A; AC1: 60 Vac 1A: Min. load; Min.1mA at 5 Vdc: Resistive load

Input Data
Nominal Input Voltage (2 x Vac) 115 – 230 – 277
Input Voltage range (Vac) 90 – 305
Inrush Current (Vn and In Load) I2t  16 A  5 msec.
Frequency 47 – 63 Hz 6%
Input Current (115 – 270 Vac) 2.4 – 1.2 A
Internal Fuse 4 A
External Fuse (recommended) 10 A (MCB curve B)

Battery Output 24 Vdc (depend on jumper selection)
Boost charge (Typ. at In) 28.8 Vdc
Recovery Charge 2 – 16 Vdc
Charging. Max Ibatt < 40°C (In) 5 A  5%
Charging. Max Ibatt > 40°C (In) 3.5 A 5%

Battery Output 12 Vdc (depend on jumper selection)
Boost charge (Typ. at In) 14.4 Vdc
Recovery Charge 2 – 7 Vdc
Charging. Max Ibatt < 40°C (In) 6 A  5%
Charging. Max Ibatt > 40°C (In) 6 A  5%

Generic Output Data
Max. time Bust Charge (typ. At In) 15 h
Min. time Bust Charge (typ. At In) 4 min.
Jumper Configuration battery type (V cell) Ni-
Cd (optional); when in Trickle Charging mode
1,41–1,5 (20 cell.)
Power Supply function By Jumper Enabling
Select Output Voltage 12 or 24 Vdc By Jumper Enabling
Select Boost or trickle charge By Jumper Enabling
Efficiency (50% of In) 90%
Charging current limiting Iadj 20 ÷ 100 % / In
Quiescent Current  5 mA
Charging Curve automatic: IUoUo 4 stage
Detection of element in short circuit Yes
Short-circuit protection) Yes
Over Load protection Yes
Over Voltage Output protection Yes

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