Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, Inc.

- Model CC5B Series - Full Beverage Container Destruction



Process 'line rejects' or 'out-dated product' and recover aluminum cans and P.E.T. containers for recycling with REM 5B Series Crushing System. Our CC 5B crushes aluminum cans while our CC 5B PERF processes both P.E.T. containers and aluminum cans. Each machine comes complete with an in-feed conveyor, totally enclosed crushing mechanism, capture tank with drain, and an out-feed conveyor with fresh water rinse.

Product is loaded on the in-feed conveyor hopper and is conveyed into the CC 5B or CC 5B PERF where the containers are crushed and the fluid is discharged into the capture tank. The empty beverage containers are then removed via the out-feed conveyor belt where they run under a fresh water rinse aiding in the removal of residual fluids. The containers are then emptied into a REM® CB Can or P.E.T. Bottle Blower, a container, or a baler.

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