Model CDI - Plimmer Test Unit


After distillation, ion exchange and reverse osmosis, Plimmer places itself within the major water treatment technologies. Plimmer offers high purification levels, combined with competitive initial costs, minimum maintenance, absence of chemical substances and extremely low energy consumption. Plimmer offers a high level combine to competitive initial prices, maintenance reduces, no chemical products for the functioning and low energy consumption. This technology will not only remove salts present in the water, but also pollutants such as arsenic, nitrates, cadmium, hydrogen, Boron, Hydrogen sulphates, fertilizers and heavy metals. In addition, it is capable of removing humic acids and does not enable the proliferation of micro-organisms – but reduces them by 90%.

Plimmer removes salts in water as a percentage defined by the user (partial demineralization or total); retained pollutants are returned in a small volume of water (around 20% of the treated water) that can be freely downloaded because it does not contain chemicals or brine. ” The only pretreatment required is a simple filtration to 25 μ. Guarantees a high reliability and simplicity of operation and a long-term durable functioning..

It ‘s extremely competitive with other technologies on the market. Ensures complete removal of arsenic and nitrates in the water .

If you are looking for a solution without purification chemicals, membranes, with low power consumption and low environmental impact Plimmer is for you!

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