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Model CF0912 and 914HD - Folding Forks



Re-designed for 2015, the all new Cherry Folding Fork takes the term 'Heavy Duty' to a whole new level. Hydraulic folding wings pivot on a 70mm DIA pin which themselves sit within a 110mm DIA bush. A closed width of 8' provides a safe option for road transport whilst the fork opens out to 12' or 14'  depending on model for maximum productivity in the clamp. Sitting in between the ultra heavy duty mounting brackets, a protection plate prevents grass pressing into the Loading Shovels' headstock. 1400mm long Hardox tines, underside wear pads and a heavy wall box section frame complete the robust design.

  • Folding Wings, hydraulically close or open, altering the overall width from 14ft to 8ft. Allows safer road transport
  • Manual Locking Wings, lock in the closed position for transport
  • Pivot Pins, 70mm DIA high grade material for long term reliability
  • Base Tines, 1400mm Hardox tines welded in fork base
  • Side Tines, all models come as standard with double KV Style side tines
  • Fork Back, central protection plate to prevent grass pressing into the machine's headstock
  • Wing Stops, on open and close for ram and pin protection
  • Underside Wear Pads, protect box section tine holder for greater service life

Part Number  Description

  • HA01 Hydraulic Accumulator for pressurised float of wings
  • TG01 Tine Guard for road transport
  • NP01 Laser cut name or logo within the central headstock protection plate

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