Model CHC-OXI - REC-A - Low Load Activated Sludge WWTP



WWTP by low-load activated sludge (extended aeration) with settling tank, submerged aerator and sludge return system.

  • Salher brand, model CVC – OXIREC – A.
  • Manufactured in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GFRP) with orthophthalic resins.
  • Organic matter removal efficiency (BOD5) = 80 - 90%.
  • Oxygen feeding and mixed liquor homogenization through submerged aerator.
  • Incorporated secondary clarifier and activated sludge return system with a submerged sludge pump.
  • PVC inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Outlet in the manhole to install a ventilation pipe.
  • Access through manhole with GFRP cover.

  • Organic matters removal (BOD5).

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