Model CIP 1300 - Professional Chipper



The Green-technik CIP1300 chipper is a very compact and user-friendly professional chipper, suitable for rapidly reducing large volumes of logs, bush and sawmill and pruning waste with contained costs. Thanks to a system of variable-speed hydraulic rollers and a chipping disc measuring 570 mm in diameter and 25 mm in thickness, with 2 knives, the ligneous material is reduced into small fragments measuring 0.5/2 cm. (chips). These are suitable for successful use in natural ground protection or as fuel in wood-chipping heating plants. The rotary and adjustable unload conveyor allows to unload the material at a height of 230 mt The large re-closable hopper allows to further reduce the overall size during the transport phase using tractors. The computerised No-Stress system, supplied as standard, automatically batches the material correctly in relationship to the power available and the nature of the material to be chipped.

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