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Model CISA P-MWT CONCEPT 150 & 300 - Medical Waste Treatment Sterilizer System


Medical waste is generated by nearly all health sectors including hospitals, medical clinics, forensic centres, diagnostic and research laboratories and veterinary hospitals. The scale of waste products changes every day according the medical centre, the number of patients and the type of medical activity carried out within the centre.

In any case, the waste generated is considered potentially infectious, that is why proper disposal is often problematic and expensive, both, when managed internally by the centre and when managed by an external service. Medical waste, in general, because of its potential danger must be disposed through processes that inhibit the risk of contamination and infection.

The solution for medical waste treatment developed by CISA meets the needs of the community through safety materials and environmental safeguards for infectious diseases that can be brought by infectious and dangerous waste. In particular, the old method of combating this risk through incineration, which is still used, often causes dangerous gas emissions, such as dioxin, that are harmful to people and the environment. The use of wet thermal method for medical waste is growing and, combined with CISA's sterilization and disinfection know-how, a more secure system for managing has been developed. In addition to the standard MWT series and the waste treatment systems, CISA has introduced a compact system appropriate for clinics, small hospitals, veterinary hospitals, laboratories, mortuary establishments and small health assistance facilities for waste treatment that can be carried out internally at the facility.

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