Model CSO - Combined Sewer Overflow Tanks


0 (f/k/a HTI Systems, LLC) has helped to define the market for precast concrete CSO tanks, or combined sewer overflow tanks for wastewater treatment plants. Over 30 years of experience have gone into our designs for combined sewage overflow holding tanks, and it shows in the quality of the product and in our roster of clients. Every new wastewater treatment facility, biosolids treatment plant, or sludge treatment system represents another potential customer for precast concrete CSO tanks.’s combined sewer overflow tanks are trusted by municipal wastewater treatment plant operators and commercial industries who count on dependable CSO holding tanks for their day-to-day and emergency operations. With, you have a company that can custom design a combined sewer overflow tank according to the size and flow specifications that perfectly match your wastewater treatment and sewer needs.

Specifically wedotanks offers engineering and design services for construction of water treatment, wastewater treatment and purification plants, and other municipal and private infrastructure facilities, although the CSO tanks are primarily utilized by public-sector entities.  We are licensed in twelve states currently and soon will receive our professional engineering license in three additional states.  We provide professional liability insurance for all our projects.

Generally, combined sewer overflow refers to sewer systems without separate components for stormwater and wastewater. In effect, stormwater and wastewater all flow through the same system (combined) to a wastewater treatment facility. In the event of heavy rain or stormwater accumulation, a CSO holding tank becomes necessary to prevent flood waters (overflow) which in a combined system would include untreated wastewater.

HTI's precast concrete combined sewer overflow tanks are known for their dependability and long life. The CSO tank design includes strategically-placed seams which are filled with an industry-approved sealant provided by a member of the Chevron Family of Companies. This sealant and the CSO tank itself are 100% environmentally friendly.

HTI helps their clients get the right combined sewer overflow system by offering one of the broadest arrays of custom specifications in the industry. We understand that whether you need a smaller CSO tank for a local or private WWTP, or whether you require a combined sewer overflow tank upwards from 300,000 gallons for a municipal wastewater treatment plant, you want professional, experienced help, and the highest quality product you can get.

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