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Simex s.r.l.

Model CT 2.8 BASE - Vibrating Compactors



Ideal for mounting on skid steer loaders as well as backhoes and other loaders (with or without hydrostatic drive). Guarantees a firm, even and extremely compact bed that assures long-term durability and maximum road safety. Works with wheel in central position and prime mover running alongside the trench. Reverse rotation vibrating twin shaft located in the center of the wheel to: add up the vertical forces for maximum compacting power; counter horizontal forces to protect the operator and prime mover..  Excellent vibration damping..  The user is responsible for checking that the prime mover meets the equipment's specifications and weight requirements.

Width: 200-450 mm

RH/LH depth: 0-750 mm

Required oil flow: 30-250 l/min

Required oil pressure: 220-150 BAR

Max. vertical force: 42 KN

Operating weight*: 710-770 Kg

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