Model D - Centrifugal pumps


Centrifugal pumps with vertical shaft made up of:

  • Mixed flow pump made up of series of modular stages of 6' 7' 8' 10'
  • Foot valve flanged to a suction rose in galvanized steel
  • Line shaft made formed by rising still pipes with double flanged trunks whose standard length is 3 mt.
  • Drive units in different versions for the connecting with different power sources as: type 'PV' to thermic motor by pulley and belts, 'RA' to thermic motor by cardan shaft, 'MG' to power takeoff of tractor by cardan shaft, 'EF' to electric motor by flange, 'MRE' in alternative to thermic motor, tractor, or electric motor

Application fields and use limit:

  • Lifting of deep water. Installation in drilled or open wells. Irrigation systems, water systems, industrial and fire-fighting systems. Lifting of soft water, which is chemically and mechanically not aggressive, according to the materials normally used in the production.
  • Max. water temperature: 40° C.
  • Max. water hardness: 40g/m3. Installation depth: up to 120 mt, in standard execution.

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