Hydrorock International B.V.

Model D34 - Rainwater Linear Drainage System


Application Lineair drainage and infiltration drain. Material 100% stone wool with membrane of filter cloth. Material grate Stainless steel.
Buffer capacity 94% of the volume. Absorption capacity 34 litre. Load bearing capacity Max. 2000 kg per m2

Linear drainage without pipework

Hydrorock® lineair drainage is the ecologically responsible solution for buffering and draining of excess rainwater. The system can be applied about paving such as around houses, commercial property, garages, driveways and terraces. Along the entire grate-length rainwater is absorbed quickly and via the infiltration blocks it is buffered and infiltrated into the soil. The installation is very simple and no connection to the sewage system is required. Thus you prevent flooding of terrace or of driveways and rainwater is infiltrated into the soil directly.

Infiltration drain with built-in buffer

The IP15 infiltration drain replaces the traditional drain, but without the necessity of a sewage connection. The IP-15 has an absorption capacity of 15 litre and is completed with a stainless steel grate including a black filter membrane. Application under outdoor taps and under rainwater discharge. Also applicable in combination with D34 infiltration blocks if a larger water storage capacity is required. By simply placing the contact surfaces against each other, the capacity will be increased with the capacity of the contact unit.

Easy installation

The system consists of slim infiltration blocks wrapped in a membrane of filter cloth, matching stainless steel grates and brackets. At the bottom of the grate there is a black filter to stop dirt flowing in. As an extension of the paving the blocks are dug-in app. 20 cm below the surface level. Next it can be filled up with gravel, Hydrosoil® or the stainless steel grates on brackets can be placed. The Hydrorock® blocks facilitate the buffering and gradual release of excess rainwater into the surrounding soil. The installation is very simple and no sewage connection is required.


Hydrorock® is manufactured from stone wool, a 100% natural material. Underground the Hydrorock® infiltration blocks maintain an excellent condition for decades. Hydrorock® is resistant against erosion by plant and tree roots. The cotton-base membrane of the filter cloth does not mould or rot. It has a large breaking strength and is resistant against the natural materials in the soil.

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