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Model DBY 001 - Pneumatic Electric Diaphragm Pump



Electric diaphragm pump is one new kind of pumps, which has been employed in more and more industrialized countries over the world in recent years because of the breakthrough development in its diaphragm materials, it displaces some centrifugal pumps and screw pumps and is used in the trades of chemistry, ceramics, metallurgy and so on, the electric diaphragm pump, which produced in our corporation, is designed in accordance with sampled machine offered by ABEL company (U.S.A), it is suitable for the places with low pressure, i.e., its outlet pressure is less than 3kgf/cm2.

Various toxic, flammable and volatile liquids; 2. Various strongly acidic, strongly alkaline and strongly corrosive liquids; 3. Transmitting mediums with high temperature at 150℃. 4. Backing pressure feeder for various filter presses; 5. Employed for retrieving and circulation of heat water; 6. Loading and unloading of oil tankers, oil depots and oil goods. 7. Pumping of pickles, jams, mashed potato and chocolate etc.; 8. Pumping of paint, gum and pigment adhesives; 9. Employed for various porcelain, glaze, cement, grout, mortar and slurry; 10. Employed for various rubber, latex, organic solvent, stuffing; 11. Employed for clearance of oil tanker barge to suck off inner sewage and residual oil. 12. Employed for hops, yeast thin grout, syrup and molasses;13.Pumping of sewage and sediment in mine, adit, tunnel and sewer. 14. Suction and transmission of various special mediums.

  1. Water irrigation and diversion are not necessary, its self-suction capacity can reach 7 odd meter.
  2. Enjoying excellent passing performance, even can pass through easily particles and slurry whose diameter below 10mm.
  3. The medium must not be leaked because the diaphragm has separated the transmitted medium from transmission machine. Moreover, owing no shaft seals in the pump, its service life will be greatly prolonged, the diaphragm, according to its medium, can be classified as chloroprene bber, fluorous rubber and Buna-N rubber to meet the requirements of various customers.
  4. The flowing part of pump body for medium can be classified as cast iron, stainless steel, lining rubber in accordance with the requirements of istomers, while its motor can be differed from general type and explosion-proof type (B3d).

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