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Model DCR-1 - Digital Video Recorder for Optical Pipe Inspection



Industrial application eurocard for live video recording with MPEG4- or H.264-video encoding and storage of still pictures in JPEG-format for 19”-rack mount. - device for camera system integration - long live time (>=5 years) and a compatible successor device after that time period - simple remote control by PC, microcontrollers etc. easy to handle with basic commands like 'start recording', 'pause/resume recording', 'stop recording' and 'take snapshot' - easy file access over standard USB2-interface - sufficient storage capacity to work at least a week away from home base - excellent picture and movie quality in terms of video bandwidth and detail reproduction - latest state of the art video encoding H.264 - easy design-in into existing camera equipments and combination with video overlay devices - optional LCD-monitor output for playback of movies and display of pictures - movie playback on PC

  • MPEG4- and H.264/MPEG4-AVC-hardware encoding of live video (H.264 achieves typically threefold coding efficiency than H.262 (MPEG-2))
  • JPEG-still picture storage
  • 2 CVBS-video inputs 1Vss/75Ohm
  • audio L+R-inputs
  • audio head phone output
  • suited for PAL and NTSC video norm
  • 2,5” harddisk with 160GB capacity for storage of movies and still pictures
  • video resolution D1-720x576, 640x480 and 384x288 user adjustable
  • recording bit rate user adjustable
  • frame rate per second for video recording PAL-25fps, NTSC-30fps without dropped frames
  • recording function with pause/resume feature
  • remote control of all functions over RS232-interface (e.g. video overlay board (text
    generator) or foil keyboard with microcontroller etc.)
  • USB2-OTG-interface for download of movies and pictures to Windows pc
  • bus connector for backplane with all required signals


  • video amplifier to restore standard video at both CVBS-inputs
  • 7”-LCD-monitor with touch screen
  • playback of movies on LCD-monitor with full control of playback functions
  • display of still pictures on monitor

Power supply

  • 10-36VDC/1A @ 12VDC complete with LCDmonitor
    and backlight


  • 100x160x27mm (w/o VG-connector)

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