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Model DD - Continuous Flow Dryer



PETKUS Continuous Flow Dryers Type DD are designed for drying grain, corn, oilseeds, and free flowing pellets such as clay minerals and straw pellets. Three models (1500, 2500, 4000) with capacities from 8 t/h to 70 t/h (based on wheat and 4% dehydration) are available. The 'DD'-series continuous flow dryers use direct heating from oil or gas surface burners. Product enters the top of the dryer column and flows to the discharge over conical, inverted V-shaped air ducts arranged in an alternating pattern. During the process the product is continuously mixed and the hot air from the burner is evenly distributed through the product. The required airflow is generated by axial flow fans, positioned on the roof of the exhaust air duct. The air speed can be adjusted using a false air flap within the dryer column. Louver dampers behind the axial flow fans close during emptying and prevent the discharge of dust into the exhaust air.

  • Model in galvanized sheet steel
  • Low electricity demand
  • Low fuel requirement as the burner is located in the dryer tower
  • Gentle and even drying
  • Operated with gas or oil burner
  • Three models designed for different capacities
  • High thermal capacity and efficiency
  • Conical air ducts increase the capacity by 10-12%
  • Insulated hot air duct
  • Low dust emission, complies with EU-limits
  • Simple and quick assembly as no scaffolding is required
  • Relatively small floor space
  • Storage tank with level sensor
  • Control cabinet with touch panel and control software

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