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Model DF Smart - Dust Control System



The DF Smart dust suppression system is designed for small outdoor applications. This model can reach up to 13 metres with nebulized water. It’s a product designed specifically for the ental industry.

Mini DF and DF Smart models are dust control systems ideal to cover small areas where it is necessary to reduce dust and odour emissions. Mini DF model is a dust reduction system with a 70 litres water tank incorporated, and it’s designed for small indoor applications: indoor wall demolitions or cutting processes, flooring removal and in general for all indoor demolitions and renovations. On the contrary, DF Smart model is designed for small outdoor applications, that are small demolitions, aggregate recycling, wall demolitions or cutting processes and other small applications. Both of them are particularly indicated for rental. Thanks to their small size, these two models can be used in practical and fast way: they can pass through the doors, have a low weight and very low consumptions. They can also be easily fed, in fact they can be connected to a simple water pipe and to the main electricity supply network. These features make them also perfect for asbestos removal both in indoor locations and outdoor areas.

  • Single-phase 16 A inlet
  • Wheels and handles for movimentation
  • Crown with 12 nozzles
  • Express type 1/2'quick connection . Water filter
  • Emergency stop button

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