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Model DFW-20C - Fixed Wavelength Detectors



Model DFW-20C Fixed Wavelength, HPLC with new 254 nm lamp, 254 nm filter, 7 mm pathlength, 10 µl Volume Flowcell,  PEEK or Stainless Construction. May Be Converted To 280 nm Operation. Other Available Wavelengths (Preparative Flowcell available.)

D-Star Instruments continues to provide the analytical chemist with a series of new and improved, easy to operate, economically priced, and high performance UV-VIS Fixed Wavelength Detectors for liquid chromatography and other dynamic flow techniques.This UV-VIS detector product line continues to meet the tight budgets of today's economy. The DFW-20, DFW-20C, and DFW-21C are the first of a series of liquid chromatography detectors designed, not only to fit the tightest budget requirements, but they are light in weight, small in footprint, and simple to use.

The DFW-20 is a 254 nm Fixed wavelength detector only and cannot be converted to any other wavelength. The DFW-20C and DFW-21C can be converted to other wavelengths where the lamp /filter combination is available. For wavelengths not listed in the 'How to order' section please contact the factory.

  • Flowcells are located in convenient position at the rear of the detector. The flowcell position also permits the instruments operation in any attitude and location.
  • Flowcells are available for analytical including Microbore techniques, industrial, and biochemical applications, as well as preparative and semi-preparative separations.
  • Flow rates in excess of 100 ml / min can be used.
  • All wettable components constructed of PEEK, CTFE, or Tefeel which make the detector useful for applications requiring biocompatibility.
  • Applications requiring the use of mobile phases such as Methylene Chloride, THF, and DMSO, or Buffers such as TFA should use the available 316 SS flowcells.
  • For analytical procedures requiring high sensitivity the new analytical flowcell with heat exchanger is recommended.
  • Output for strip Chart Recorders (10 mV) and
  • Integrators and data systems (1 V/AU) are available at the rear of the detector.
  • Hg and Tungsten lamps available for VIS and limited NIR analysis (Contact factory for special Filter availability and prices).

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