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Model DMR-B Series - Mono-Double Wheel Rotary Ditche


Original mono/double-wheel DMR /B Series.To create new ditches, we recommend using tractors with creeper gears 1/2 to 3/4 MPH (0.8 / 1 Km/h), maintenance of existing ditches can be done at a working speed of 3/4 to 1 MPH (1 to 2.5  Km/h).The standard digging angles 30 & 32 degrees. .

The working depth is regulated via the hydraulic lift of the tractor in a controlled position.The main feature of the mono/double-wheel model is that it can dig and smooth the two walls of the ditch simultaneously, unloading the soil completely on the right side of the machine in relation to the direction of forward movement.This particular characteristic makes it possible to conduct work bordering along roadways, on growing crops that need to be protected and for different types of soil. The 'DONDI' mono/double-wheel ditcher can to be conected to tractors from 40 HP to 150HP, and up to a maximum depth of 43 inches.

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