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Model DP, VPH, HMF - Deep Well Pumps



This vertical and semi-axial pump converses the capacity range up to 600 (l/s) against head of up to 210 (m), “DP” and “VPH” type are produced as single and multistage pumps while “HMF” type is manufactured only as single stage pump. Centrifugal pump with one or more semi axial impellers. It is applied for installation into the wells. There is a possibility for discharge connection to be under or above of the base plate in the pump unit.

Shaft sealing:

The shaft sealing could be arranged by graphite soft packing. In soft packing arrangements the shaft is protected by replaceable, bronze sleeve or some other suitable material.


  • Electric motor


  • Electric motor is not submersible, there is no need of sealing. Therefore the life time of the pump is longer;
  • There is self sealing with water on bearing of transmission shafts;
  • This pumps are used for transportation of clean and slightly polluted water with temperatures up to 60 oC and suction head highter then 7 m with smaller space for instaling the pump;
  • Vertical deep well pumps are intended for exhausting water from depth that are higher from suction head of horizontal pumps. Higher percentage of efficiency that is achieved with these pumps as well as lack of need for concrete foundation gives them priority before horizontal pumps.
Technical data:
  • Capacity: up to 680 l/s
  • Head: up to 210
  • Temperature: up to 60 °C

For liquid transfer and circulation of clean or slightly polluted water. Typical application in:

  • Metallurgical and other industries
  • Water supply of populated places
  • Industrial plants
  • Irrigation and dewatering
  • Municipal water supply
  • Sanitary wash down services
  • Thermo energetic plants
  • Mining. Civil engineering

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