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Model DRB200 - Digital Reactor Block; 30 x 16 mm vial wells, 115 Vac



Adjustable Temperature Settings (37°C to 165°C, in 1°C Increments). Selectable Languages (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish). Customer programmable digestion temperature and duration. 30 Wells for 16 mm Vials. For COD, ISO-COD, TOC, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphate. For Total Chromium.

The DRB 200 is supplied with either one or two heating blocks.  The heating blocks can heat solutions in round vials of two different sizes at 37-165 °C for a period of 0-480 minutes. The small, 16 mm diameter vial wells in the heating block are suitable for Hach COD, TOC, and Test N´ Tube tests. The larger, 20 mm diameter vial wells are intended for sample preparation reaction vessels, using the Metals Prep Set.  The DRB 200 has 6 stored and 3 programmable temperature programs.

There are two single heating block versions of the DRB200.  One model has nine 16 mm vial wells and two 20 mm vial wells.  This model is suitable for COD, TOC and Test N' Tube tests.  The scond model has fifteen 16 mm vial wells, but does not have the 20 mm vial wells needed for the Metals Prep Sets.

In addition to the two single heating block versions of the DRB200 there is a dual heating block version.  This dual heating block version contains twenty-one 16 mm vial wells, and four 20 mm vial wells, and is suitable for for Hach COD, TOC, and Test N´ Tube tests.

Dimensions: 250 x 145 x 310 mm (W x H x D)

Single heater block DRB200s, 2 kg instrument, 3.5 kg with packaging.
Dual heater block DRB200s, 2.8 kg instrument, 4.3 kg with packaging

Ambient Operating Temperature: 10-45 °C

Stored Programs:
COD Program (150 °C, 120 minutes)
TOC Program (105 °C, 120 minutes)
100°C Program (100 °C, 30, 60, 120 minutes)
105°C Program (105 °C, 30, 60, 120 minutes)
150°C Program (150 °C, 30, 60, 120 minutes)
165°C Program (165 °C, 30, 60, 120 minutes)
Easily selected 37-165 °C (constant temperature)

Programmable Temperature Range: 37-165 °C

Programmable Timer Range:
Easily selected 0-480 minutes
Acoustic signal when the time expires
Heating stops when time expires

Heating Rate: From 20 to 150 °C in 10 minutes

Temperature Stability: ±2 °C

Number of Vial Wells:
Single heater block units: 9 x 16 mm, 2 x 20 mm; or 15 x 16 mm
Dual heater block units: 21 x 16 mm and 4 x 20 mm

Power Requirements: 100-240 Vac, +5%, -15%, 50/60 Hz, Protection Class 1

Power Input: 600 VA

Compliance: CE, GS, cTUVus

Choose from Three Models
Depending on your testing needs, you can select a DR/820, DR/850 or DR/890 Colorimeter, preprogrammed to test for at least 20, 50 or 90 parameters, respectively. All three models include the same convenient features: auto-wavelength selection, datalogging capabilities and user-generated calibrations. Refer to the table on pages 3-4 to select the colorimeter that tests the parameters you require.

These durable, hand-held, filter photometers are designed specifically for the rigors of on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, chemical-resistant housings. DR/800 Series Colorimeters offer simple, push-button program selection and step-by-step prompts that guide users through the testing procedure. These instruments are equally appreciated by experienced analysts who value test efficiency and by operators who require ease of use with accurate results.

Advanced Features Add Value

  • Easy-to-use software offers push-button method selection, automatic wavelength selection and a preprogrammed method timer. Result, units, and parameter name are displayed immediately, with no countdown. The large digit display is very easy to read.
  • The DR/800 retains the selected method until a new method is entered, even if it is turned off and then back on. This allows a series of analyses to be performed for the same parameter without reselecting the method.
  • Datalogging capability includes push-button record management. Easily store data in the field for later access, with no delay in testing. The instrument stores up to 99 measurements in an internal, non-volatile memory. Data stored includes date/time, parameter, program number, concentration/absorbance/%T, sample number, and instrument serial number.
  • Results are displayed directly in units of concentration, absorbance, or % transmittance. In many methods, concentration in alternate chemical forms is also available. For example, phosphate readings are available as P, PO4 and P2O5. Displayed results can be changed from one form to the next at the touch of a button.
  • User-program feature allows users to generate up to 10 custom procedures, with up to 12 data points each, and store them in a non-volatile instrument memory for later use.
  • Advanced software includes automatic correction for reagent blanks and the option to fine-tune calibration curves with the standard adjust feature.
  • Batteries provide self-contained power for field-testing.

Accessories Simplify Data Management
The Data Transfer Adapter (DTA) fits on the colorimeter and accepts data sent from the instrument’s infrared LED transmitter. The DTA converts data to a standard RS-232 format and connects directly to a computer or printer. Data can be printed or downloaded conveniently, after storage or during collection.

DR/800 Series Colorimeters are compatible with HachLink Software, a Microsoft® Windows® compatible application that links instrument and computer, providing a convenient means of accessing and managing test data. Information including date/time, parameter, concentration/absorbance/%T, sample number, operator identity, and instrument serial number is accepted and stored in either text or tabular (spreadsheet) format, and can be easily transferred to popular spreadsheet or word-processing applications.

Easy Quality Control
DR/Check ABS Standards are the optional choice to verify the performance of your DR/800 Colorimeter in seconds. Standards are formulated with neutral density gel that produces similar absorbance readings at any wavelength. For all parameters at all wavelengths, running three secondary absorbance standards will verify your instrument’s calibration easily, anytime.

Affordable COD Analysis
All three models include Hach’s Manganese III COD procedure (mercury-free version). The DR/850 Colorimeter also performs our traditional USEPA-approved high-range COD procedure, and the DR/890 Colorimeter performs both low-range and high-range USEPA-approved COD procedures. An adapter suitable for COD vials and Test ’N Tube (TNT) vials is included with each instrument.

Push-Button Operation Speeds Analysis
Using Hach prepared reagents, testing is normally accomplished in just a few minutes, following this simple procedure:

  1. When turned on, the instrument automatically recalls the last program used. To change programs, press the program key and enter the program number from the procedures manual. The instrument displays the program number, parameter, units, and the zero icon.
  2. Prepare the blank (zero) according to the procedure, place it in the instrument, and press the zero key. The instrument displays the zero and the read icon.
  3. Prepare the sample according to the procedure. (An internal timer is preprogrammed for methods that require a fixed reaction time. Timer duration is automatically displayed for the selected procedure; simply start the timer at the start of the reaction.) After reacting the sample, place the sample cell in the instrument and press the read key.
  4. The instrument displays the result in concentration units. The user can also toggle the ABS %T key to display absorbance or % transmittance. Some results can be displayed in alternate chemical forms (e.g., Cr may be displayed as mg/L CrO4 or Cr2O7). Scroll through available forms by pressing the CONC key.
  5. Save the results by pressing the store key. The instrument will store up to 99 measurements in an internal, non-volatile memory. Results may be printed or transferred to a computer at any time using the Data Transfer Adapter.

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