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Model DT109 - Opacity Monitor



The Model DT109 is the perfect solution for monitoring visible emissions where a compliance system is not required. Has many applications other then stacks such as dust from conveyor systems. The Model DT109 allows for continuous monitoring of emission levels which helps you stay below EPA limits at all times. When bags become worn or ripped, there is an immediate alarm and indication in the recorder reading. The Model DT109 is perfect for applications where multiple ducts lead to a common stack. Since the Model DT109 measures opacity, this instrument will alert your operators to a possible over emission problem or even a boiler upset that could cause a violation of your emissions standards.

Model DT109D (Transceiver and Retro-reflector)

  • Double pass
  • Spans up to 10 feet
  • High accuracy

Model DT109S (Separate Transmitter and Receiver)

  • Single pass
  • Spans up to 40 feet
  • High accuracy

Easy to install, easy to use

The DT109 system is easily installed using the provided duct mounting hardware. Standard signal cable is used to connect the transmitter/receiver to the panel mount control unit. A front panel mounted backlit LCD display shows all critical information as well as over emissions, blower failure, and lamp out conditions. Adjustment of zero, using the keypad during a clear stack condition, is all the maintenance normally required.

High reliability, pinpoint accuracy

The DT109 system uses a single light source taking the intensity of the light beam passing through the duct and comparing it to the light output from the lamp to make its measurement. This cancels out any variations due to line voltage changes and tungsten loss in the lamp assuring you steady, reliable performance year after year.

Low level Measurements

The Model DT109 measures sudden changes of emission with a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy.

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