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Model E-TRUCK - Electric Wheelbarrow


Muck-Truck goes Green with our Electric Wheelbarrow! This is a wheel barrow with a difference. The E-TRUCK from Mucktruck is a new innovation for those of you who are looking for a product which has all the strengths and features of our other machines but also the capability to work in Mines, Buildings or other areas where both noise or fumes would have previously been a problem. The E-TRUCK wheel barrow is powered by four 12 volt batterries which are wired in a unique way to output 24 volts of power to the transmission so that the power output for climbing and/or carrying materials is as good as the engine powered machines. It will run for upto 3.5 hours continuously on one charge which is enough time for a full working day on most job sites when you factor in the time used for breaks or loading and empying the wheel barrow.

We didn't lighten up the steel work or components either on this machine, it has the same strength and quality that you have come to expect from the mucktruck range of products. All the same features as the other machines but kinder to the environment 'thats the E-TRUCK'.

Muck Truck Electric Wheelbarrow
Model # E-Truck

  • 4x12 Volt Batteries
  • Runs 3.5 hours continuously
  • Carry Capacity: 8 cubic ft., 800 lbs
  • Noise Rating: less than 5db
  • Speed: 0 - 3.5mph
  • Dimensions: L - 65' / W - 28' / H - 36'
  • Transmission: Benevelli (24 volt)
  • Charge: 8hrs
  • Speeds: 0 -3.5 MPH variable
  • Fitted with 4WD system

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